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Stricter speed checks on the D1 motorway

New speed cameras have been installed on the D1 motorway. They are tasked with checking compliance with the speed limit of 80 km/h in sections where this limit has been

Do not underestimate fatigue

A tragic lorry accident happened in May 2020 in one of the tunnels on the Prague ring road ( The lorry failed to steer into the corner, drove up onto

Return of premid on-board units

It was possible to return the on-board units used for the original toll system until 29 May 2020 to the P.O. BOX address. After this date, is will be possible

Beware of height restrictions

Lorry drivers often forget height restrictions set for driving under bridges or in cities where there are overhead lines for trams or trolleybuses. They are usually warned of this fact

End of the derogation to Regulation 561/2006

In relation to the spread of the COVID-19 disease, the Czech authorities acknowledged and tolerated deviations by lorry drivers from the rules for driving times and rest periods caused by