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Safe distance

Do you know that the failure to maintain a safe distance is one of the most frequent causes of car accidents in the Czech Republic? Vehicles should maintain a distance

New map app of ŘSD

The Road and Motorway Directorate has developed a new map application to search for sections under reconstruction. To search for problematic sections, click on repairs – in progress. You can

Observe traffic signs

Dear Truckers, We have another tip for you on how to transit through the Czech Republic safely. While driving, do no rely solely on your navigation system, as it may


Czech Roads Under Construction

There are many reconstruction works of the motorway network, bridges and some non-primary roads in the summer season 2019. Therefore it is essential that drivers comply with the traffic rules

Opening the portal transit.tir

Hundreds of thousands of foreign truck drivers pass through the Czech Republic every year and this number is gradually growing every year. This situation caused the increasing number of traffic

Summer driving restrictions

There are general driving restrictions for heavy goods vehicles valid for the whole year, but do not forget – during July and August summer driving restrictions are in force. The