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Careful About Mobile Phones While Driving

It is forbidden to use a mobile phone or other communications equipment without a hands-free set while driving a vehicle in the Czech Republic. Being in a call while driving

Winter Equipment Already from 1 November

The “Zimní výbava” (Winter Equipment) and “Zimní výbava-konec” (Winter Equipment – End)” road signs identify road sections on which category M and N vehicles must be equipped with winter tyres

Rescue Lane

A rescue lane must be formed on roads for the passage of integrated rescue system vehicles (police, fire brigade, ambulance). You must already be positioning your vehicle to create such

Toll system registration

From 22 September 2019, it will be possible to register vehicles for a new electronic toll system.  Find more information here: The existing on-board units can be returned after

Safety at railway crossings

There is a dense railway network in the Czech Republic, which also means a large number of railway crossings. Many of these railway crossings are not protected by level-crossing barriers,

Safe distance

Do you know that the failure to maintain a safe distance is one of the most frequent causes of car accidents in the Czech Republic? Vehicles should maintain a distance

New map app of ŘSD

The Road and Motorway Directorate has developed a new map application to search for sections under reconstruction. To search for problematic sections, click on repairs – in progress. You can