Road Closures

The leaflet

There are many road closures in the Czech Republic for season 2019-2020.

Map of Road Closures
Map of road closures

Updated list of road closures

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Driving in the narrow

Before entering a constructed place it is necessary to:

  • respect traffic signs
  • adjust the speed of travel
  • pay attention to the maximum permissible width of the vehicle, which may be limited at the point of constriction. Vehicles with a maximum width of 2.2 meters are allowed into the left lane, but the width can be limited to 2 meters.

Road sign TRANSIT

The table limits the validity of the road sign to lorries for which the use of such a marked section is not necessary to reach the place of loading, unloading, maintenance or repair of the vehicle, registered office, establishment or habitual residence of the carrier or driver.

Where you can find this road sign

  • on the II. and III. road classes – Říčany and surroundings
  • transit ban applies to vehicles above 12 t
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