How To Get OBU?

Distribution point centre

The prepaid version of the onboard unit can be obtained and registered at any  distribution point. Toll pre-payment can be made in cash, or with credit cards or fleet cards. The premid onboard unit will be issued to the authorised user immediately after the vehicle has been registered in the electronic tolling system and after making a deposit in the amount set by the statutory instruments and the general business terms and conditions of the operator of the electronic tolling system. Premid point distribution centres are located along tolled roads, or within their proximity, and at selected border crossings. They primarily provide services to drivers who are on the road.

Contact point  centre

Both the prepaid and postpaid versions of the onboard units can be obtained and registered at any point contact centre. This is the only place where a postpaid contract can be signed. The premid unit is issued to the user immediately after the user’s data has been checked and the vehicle has been registered in the electronic tolling system. Most of the premid point contact centres are located in the regional centres of the Czech Republic. Premid point contact centres are the first point of contact for cargo shippers. Premid point contact centre employees provide support in Czech, Slovak, English, German, and Russian.

Client call centre

The client call centre’s main function is to provide information.

Internet portal:

The main role of the premid Internet portal at  is to provide users with comprehensive online services in an efficient manner. In addition to other functions, it enables users to fill in an agreement to be pre-registered in the electronic tolling system. You can simply print out the registration form, sign it, and present it at a premid point contact centre.


Before they use tolled roads vehicles that are obligated to have a premid onboard unit must be registered, the deposit on the units must be paid, and the  unit must be installed in the vehicle properly. Vehicle registration depends on the payment system selected. A simple registration form, which is available in distribution points or at contact points, must be filled out before the vehicle can be registered in the prepaid system. Registration contracts for the postpaid system will be available at, or at premid point contact centres.


When registering a vehicle, the road user, or the vehicle driver as the case may be, will be requested to present vehicle documents to ascertain the name and address of the owner or operator of the vehicle, their nationality, (international) licence plate number, weight class of the vehicle, number of axles and the emissions class of the vehicle (EURO 0-II or EURO III and higher). The identification documents of the person presenting the vehicle documents will also be requested. Should no document concerning the vehicle’s emissions class be presented, the vehicle will be registered in the EURO 0-II emissions class with the possibility of a later change. However, no toll that has already been incurred shall be refunded. A subsequent change of the emissions class can be made solely based on the vehicle registration book that is to be presented at a contact point or distribution point; however, no toll that has already been incurred shall be refunded.

Registration of toll-exempt vehicles

Those road vehicles, which are legally exempt from the toll, must still carry a special premid onboard unit. These will only be issued in premid point contact centres upon presentation of the required documents.

Toll rates

Number of axles2 34+234+234+234+
Highways and motorways3,345,708,242,824,816,971,833,134,521,672,854,12
– Friday 15-20 h4,248,1011,763,586,879,942,334,466,462,124,055,88
1st class roads1,582,743,921,332,313,310,871,502,150,791,371,96
– Friday 15-20 h2,003,925,601,693,314,741,102,153,071,001,962,80
Buses1,38 1,38 1,38 1,15 1,15 1,15 1,04 1,04 1,04 0,800,800,80

Toll is not subject to VAT.

Change of toll operator

CzechToll belongs to the PPF Group and is a part of the long-term strategic plans of the Group in the area of telecommunications infrastructure. The company has won, together with the Slovak electronic toll collection operator SkyToll a.s., in the tender procedure of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic to build an electronic toll system and subsequently provide complex services related to its operation and termination of its operation in the Czech Republic as of 2020. Thanks to modern satellite technology, the Czech Republic will obtain a sophisticated system that will allow for better traffic management and more efficient transport infrastructure management for less money than before.

From 1 October 2019, hauliers will then be able to register their vehicles in the new system so that they can drive on specified sections of roads and motorways in the Czech Republic without waiting as of 1 December 2019.