Registering vehicles and their operators

In prepay mode, the vehicle can be registered at any point of sale and also through the customer self-service line or via FCI.

List of customer points –

Customer Portal and Customer Zone –

A pre-condition for issuing an electronic device is a deposit paid for the electronic device.

Vehicles subject to toll payment

Vehicles according to the emission class:

  • EURO II;
  • EURO III and IV;
  • EURO V;
  • EURO VI, EEV and above.

Vehicles according to the number of axles:

  • with two axles;
  • with three axles;
  • with four or more axles.

Vehicles by category:

  • Road motor vehicle (A vehicle with at least four wheels and having a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tons.)
  • Bus (A bus for the purpose of the toll system shall be a road motor vehicle with at least four wheels, having in its registration documents specified the maximum permissible weight of 3 501 kg or more and at least one of the following data):
  • in the field J. vehicle category … M2 or M3 or M2G or M3G
  • in the field vehicle type… “Bus”
  • in the field S. number of transported persons including the driver 10 or more (or the sum of places for sitting and standing in the field S.1 and S.2)”

Customer Service Line

24-hour services at the telephone number: +420 243 243 243