The control bodies in the Czech Republic are police and customs officers.

ViolationPenalty pointsFine on the spotAdministrative fine
Holding a mobile phone or another voice or recorder
device in hand while driving the vehicle
21000 CZK1500-2500 CZK
Speeding in built up area +6-+19 km/h, outside built up area +11 – +29 km/h21000 CZK1500-2500 CZK
Do not stop the vehicle for a signal “Stop” 52500 CZK2500-7500 CZK
Overtaking when it is forbidden75000 – 10 000 CZK
Entering a level crossing where prohibited 72500-5000 CZK
Violation of driving ban of some types of vehicles 2500 CZK2500-5000 CZK
Threats to another driver when moving the vehicle from one lane to another 52000 CZK1500-2500 CZK
Missing winter equipment in winter period1500-2500 CZK
Non-payment of toll5000 CZK100 000 CZK
Failure to comply with rest periods45000 CZK10 000 CZK
Cabotage – when is forbidden50 000 CZK100 000 CZK
Driving a vehicle that exceeds the permitted dimensions or weight without permission 500 000 CZK