Road Show – Get us ready for winter

Although the Road and Motorway Directorate has taken a number of measures to prevent the first snowfall from repeating last year’s calamity, when there was a traffic pile-up on D1 for more than ten hours, we still consider it important to improve the awareness of foreign drivers. Three crews of vehicles with leaflets and practical gifts from BESIP once again traveled our motorways for three days to give thousands of truckers from Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and other countries information about the principles of rescue lanes or the rules of winter equipment in the Czech Republic in their native language. The main appeal for the coming winter towards truck drivers is: Do not try to overtake or bypass an emerging traffic jam! The poor adhesion conditions will also stop your vehicle and block the entire road. In addition, you will violate the law that clearly states that “A driver must not overtake another vehicle if he cannot safely move in front of the vehicle or vehicles he intends to overtake.”

We realize that improving conditions on our roads won’t happen overnight. However, we believe that direct contact with foreign truck drivers can contribute significantly to this goal.