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Beware of height restrictions

Lorry drivers often forget height restrictions set for driving under bridges or in cities where there are overhead lines for trams or trolleybuses. They are usually warned of this fact

End of the derogation to Regulation 561/2006

In relation to the spread of the COVID-19 disease, the Czech authorities acknowledged and tolerated deviations by lorry drivers from the rules for driving times and rest periods caused by

Transporting immigrants is not worth it

In collaboration with the traffic police and customs administration, the foreign police perform checks on lorries, during which, apart from roadworthiness and the compulsory documentation, they also focus on the

Maintaining a safe distance between vehicles

Road safety experts agree on a simple rule for maintaining a safe distance between vehicles, this being the two-second rule (2.7 seconds for lorries). A driver concentrating fully on the

Not concentrating on the road

The Police of the Czech Republic registered a total of 107,572 traffic accidents in 2019. The month of May is one of the periods during which more accidents occur (05/