Not concentrating on the road

The Police of the Czech Republic registered a total of 107,572 traffic accidents in 2019. The month of May is one of the periods during which more accidents occur (05/ 2019 – 9,326 traffic accidents). Lorry drivers were responsible for 11,489 traffic accidents in which 68 people were killed.

The main cause of traffic accidents was drivers not concentrating on the road, this being in 17,623 cases. Several activities which distract drivers can be included in this area, such as communicating with another driver, eating, drinking, smoking or talking on the phone. Talking on the phone need not only be understood to mean actual calls, but also writing text messages, chatting on social networks, filming or watching videos.

Unfortunately, there has been a great increase in recent years in the number of accidents caused by lorry drivers, the reason for this being precisely because of a lack of concentration on the road. At the same time, the consequences of accidents involving a large vehicle are far more fatal.

Concentrate only on the road when you are behind the wheel!

Have a safe journey on Czech roads!