Transporting immigrants is not worth it

In collaboration with the traffic police and customs administration, the foreign police perform checks on lorries, during which, apart from roadworthiness and the compulsory documentation, they also focus on the possible presence of illegal immigrants.

Within the framework of preventative measures, inspection campaigns are held specialising on uncovering illegal residence by foreigners, compliance with public order and searching for wanted items and people within the territory of the Czech Republic. While performing these police campaigns, police officers focus above all on the field of transit migration performed using international lorry transportation.

During checks performed this February, police stopped a lorry with a foreign licence plate to perform an inspection. Thanks to a specialised device known as a heartbeat detector (this is a device which detects heartbeats and thus uncovers the presence of people in the lorry) they discovered the presence of 11 illegally transported foreigners. All of the foreigners were detained and taken to the police station to be processed. Criminal proceedings were instigated with the driver and the passenger due to suspicion of their having committed the offence of the organisation and facilitation of unauthorised crossing of national borders.

The penalty for this type of offence is a prison sentence of up to two years or disqualification from working as a driver, or a prison sentence of six months to five years, or a fine.