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Rescue lane

The obligation to form a rescue lane for integrated rescue system vehicles has been in effect in the Czech Republic for two years now. When there a highway is congested,

Road Show – Install App

If you were driving along Czech highways around September 16th, 2020, maybe you met some of our congenial hostesses who were offering information flyers about the project transit.tir – Safe

Prolonged overtaking

Recently traffic police have been focusing on drivers whose prolonged overtaking has been a barrier to the smooth flow of traffic on the motorway. According to the current legislation, the

Driving in narrow lanes

Due to the current wave of ongoing repair work on Czech motorways and in particular the D1 motorway, it is possible that you may encounter several places where the lanes

The state of emergency in the Czech Republic

The state of emergency has been prolonged until November, 20 2020. The operation of international freight transport is not restricted. The driver must have the necessary documentation, including Confirmation for