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Stress behind the wheel

It is most likely that stress cannot be avoided during activities such as driving vehicles. However, it is good to acknowledge the danger and eliminate several factors that could influence

Information about website OBU GO HOME

Dear customers, We would like to inform you that the Directorate of Roads and Motorways (DRM) has identified a web side, offering a payment of 20 EUR in case

Zero tolerance against drunk drivers

In July 2020, police stopped a Serbian lorry on the D1 motorway. It had been observed to be driving in a strange manner. It veered all over the motorway. After

Transit.tir application

For the fastest transmission of information to drivers in the Czech Republic, we have prepared the application. You can download it here:  Google Store: App Store:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle behind the wheel

Apart from all the usual recommendations for keeping physically fit, it is very important for drivers to eat regularly and eat well. Regular eating and proper hydration significantly affect behaviour

Watch out for cyclists

Cycling is a very popular sport in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, a lot of cycle paths run along Class II roads, which are also used by lorries. Around three thousand