Prolonged overtaking

Recently traffic police have been focusing on drivers whose prolonged overtaking has been a barrier to the smooth flow of traffic on the motorway.

According to the current legislation, the driver of a lorry carrying a load of over 3,500 kg or the driver of a vehicle with a total length of over 7 metres is not permitted to overtake other vehicles, if in doing so the slow speed causes restrictions to other drivers and limits their speed.

For such a breach of the law, police can issue an on-the-spot fine up to a value of 10,000 Czech crowns. If such a matter goes to court, then the fine could range from 5,000 to 10,000 Czech crowns along with a driving ban of from 6 to 12 months and 7 penalty points.

Do not overtake if you do not have sufficient speed to do so. If you do not hold up the flow of traffic, then will avoid fines and penalty points.