Rescue lane

The obligation to form a rescue lane for integrated rescue system vehicles has been in effect in the Czech Republic for two years now.

When there a highway is congested, drivers are obliged to form a rescue lane. Cars in the left lane move left, while cars in all the other lanes move right. It means that, for example, in a highway with three or more lanes, the left lane moves left, and the remaining lanes move right.

Not forming a rescue lane represents a driving offence subject to a fine. Furthermore, drivers who act irresponsibly in this manner risk their own lives, the lives of people in the passing integrated rescue system vehicles and the lives of people for whom help is on its way. Do not count on the incident being forgotten or overlooked. A situation when a road tanker driver was blocking a firetruck in the rescue lane can serve as a warning. The firetruck was heading to a serious accident which had wedged a van driver in his car. The police located the driver at fault in the congestion and he was fined on the spot.