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Overtaking restrictions for trucks

In the Czech Republic, efforts are being made to ban trucks from passing. We hereby appeal for complying with the currently valid passing ban, which you may encounter on selected

Public holidays in the Czech Republic in 2020

During public holidays in the Czech Republic, the driving ban applies to trucks and special automobiles and vehicles with a maximum permissible weight exceeding 7.5 t and trucks and special

Useful phrases – Czech language course

Povolení – Permisson Nákladní vozidlo – Lorry Autobus – Bus Benzín – Petrol Diesel – Diesel Řidičský průkaz – Driving licence SPZ (státní poznávací značka u vozidel) – Registraton number

Road Show – Get us ready for winter

Although the Road and Motorway Directorate has taken a number of measures to prevent the first snowfall from repeating last year’s calamity, when there was a traffic pile-up on D1

How to return an OBU

(brief overview of terms and conditions on OBU returning … also download as PDF) The deposit will be refunded for OBU premid, that: is not expired (OBU premid expires when