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Public holidays in the Czech Republic in 2020

During public holidays in the Czech Republic, the driving ban applies to trucks and special automobiles and vehicles with a maximum permissible weight exceeding 7.5 t and trucks and special

Useful phrases – Czech language course

Povolení – Permisson Nákladní vozidlo – Lorry Autobus – Bus Benzín – Petrol Diesel – Diesel Řidičský průkaz – Driving licence SPZ (státní poznávací značka u vozidel) – Registraton number

Road Show – Get us ready for winter

Although the Road and Motorway Directorate has taken a number of measures to prevent the first snowfall from repeating last year’s calamity, when there was a traffic pile-up on D1

How to return an OBU

(brief overview of terms and conditions on OBU returning … also download as PDF) The deposit will be refunded for OBU premid, that: is not expired (OBU premid expires when

Careful About Mobile Phones While Driving

It is forbidden to use a mobile phone or other communications equipment without a hands-free set while driving a vehicle in the Czech Republic. Being in a call while driving

Winter Equipment Already from 1 November

The “Zimní výbava” (Winter Equipment) and “Zimní výbava-konec” (Winter Equipment – End)” road signs identify road sections on which category M and N vehicles must be equipped with winter tyres

Rescue Lane

A rescue lane must be formed on roads for the passage of integrated rescue system vehicles (police, fire brigade, ambulance). You must already be positioning your vehicle to create such