Ban on passing along some highway sections

In order to prevent traffic backups at border crossings, we have introduced a passing ban along some sections of highways D1, D2, D5, D8 and D11 in the direction towards the border. This ban applies to trucks with a load capacity of over 3.5 tonnes.

The following vehicles are excluded from this ban:

a) vehicles used for transporting goods susceptible to quick deterioration, provided the goods fill or had filled at least one half of the volume of the given truck’s cargo space during transport,

b) vehicles used for transporting animals,

c) vehicles used for transporting fuel designated for the continuous supply of filling stations,

d) vehicles used for transporting mail shipments,

e) vehicles used for transporting medical and biological materials, medicines, or materials used for the production of these goods.

The restriction (passing ban for trucks) has been applied along the following sections:

  • highway D1 from km 366.300 on the right (towards the state border),
  • highway D2 from km 35.000 on the right (towards the state border),
  • highway D5 from km 136.300 on the right (towards the state border),
  • highway D8 from km 86.900 on the right (towards the state border) and from the state border up to km 88.200 on the left (towards Prague; for the purpose of inspections by the Police of the Czech Republic),
  • highway D11 from km 76.650 on the right (towards the state border, and respectively, road I/33).

Please observe the traffic signs and help us keep Czech roads open.