Exception from the rules concerning driving and resting times – Directive No. 561/ 2006

The Ministry of Transport has approved that Czech authorities may disregard truck drivers who disobey prescribed driving and resting times because of unexpected delays, especially at border crossings. This exception came into effect on March 16and is valid for 30 days. Drivers who are forced to break the specified rules because of border crossing inspections or hygienic measures implemented by customers against the coronavirus must record the reason for breaking the rules on the corresponding tachograph printout or driving sheet as soon as they arrive at the next rest or break location.

Regardless of approval of this exception, road safety remains the priority. If you feel tired, please stop at a parking area and take a break.

!!!!!!! Do not park in or take breaks in driving lanes, even if the road is experiencing a traffic jam. Do not block border crossing access roads !!!!!!!

Thank you for helping us keep Czech roads open.