Overtaking restrictions for trucks

  1. In the Czech Republic, efforts are being made to ban trucks from passing. We hereby appeal for complying with the currently valid passing ban, which you may encounter on selected sections of motorways in the winter season, as well as considerate driving in places marked with the relevant traffic signs. Keep an eye on the variable and fixed signs and help us prevent a further passing ban for trucks.

The passing prohibition applies to the following sections of motorways:

  •  D1 – 179.0-203.9 km and 205.5-210.3 km on the right; 210.5-185.85 km on the left (around Brno)
  •  D5 – 0.0-11.5 km and 14.8-22.5 km on the right; 14.8-9.0 km and 6.0-0.0 km on the left (section Prague – Beroun)
  •  D8 – 0.0-9.0 km on the right; 6.0-0.0 km on the left (section Praha – Úžice)
  •  D11 – 0.0-8.0 km on the right and 8.0-0.0 km on the left (section Prague – Jirny)