Collisions with wild animals

Collisions with wild animals occur most frequently during autumn and spring, but drivers should keep their eyes open all year. Collisions with wild animals are one of the most frequent causes of traffic accidents in the Czech Republic, and the number of cases is rising every year. A reason for this may be larger volumes of traffic on roads, but it may also be due to a greater number of wild animals, especially deer and boar, which have surged in population massively in recent years. As an indication – 12,000 cases of collisions with wild animals were reported in 2019.

What to do if you collide with a wild animal?

  • Reduce speed while you pass through areas where wild animals are likely to be (forests and fields).
  •     If you cannot prevent a collision with a wild animal, always opt for frontal impact.
  •     Switch on your emergency warning lights after the accident, set up your warning triangle and call the police.
  •     Document the accident – take pictures of damage to the vehicle and of the dead or injured animal.