Stricter speed checks on the D1 motorway

New speed cameras have been installed on the D1 motorway. They are tasked with checking compliance with the speed limit of 80 km/h in sections where this limit has been determined due to ongoing roadwork. The equipment which has been installed collects data for the police, which then resolves any offences which have been committed in cooperation with the respective municipality with extended powers.

The speed cameras are for example installed near Velké Meziříčí, between Mirošovice (EXIT 21) and Hvězdonice (EXIT 29), between Velký Beranov (EXIT 119) and Měřín (EXIT 104) and the installation of speed cameras in other sections is also planned.

You must comply with the speed limit in the narrow sections and avoid needless overtaking. This is the only way to avoid problems and to prevent a tragic accident or traffic complications. The most frequent cause of accidents in restricted sections is driving too fast to safely control the vehicle and hitting the temporary barriers. This could lead to traffic being brought to a standstill in the given section for hours.

Modernisation of the D1 section from Prague to Brno will be reaching its conclusion in 2021. Work will be performed on a total of up to 71 kilometres of motorway this year between Mirošovice and Kývalka, i.e. on all 7 remaining sections which are being modernised. A further 37 km (4 sections) of the new D1 will be put into operation this year, meaning that a total of 127 kilometres will already be finished, i.e. almost 80 percent of the D1 between Prague and Brno.

Current traffic restrictions can be followed on the Facebook profile Nová D1: