Permits for transporting abnormal loads

Vehicles that exceed the maximum permitted size or weight travelling on Czech roads should have a permit for the transportation of abnormal loads. The granting of permission is handled by the Ministry of Transport. In addition to the fines imposed in the absence of such permission, the driver also risks the danger that the selected route could be unsuitable for an oversized or overloaded vehicle and, in extreme cases, could also result in a traffic jam on a section where specialised equipment is needed to perform a rescue.

How to obtain permission:

Permits are issued for a fixed period of time and the government authority lays down the conditions under which it is possible to realize the transportation of abnormal loads.

What is necessary for obtaining a permit.

  • An application for a permit for special use, which must contain:
    • the purpose, scope, duration, and possibility of repeat transportation in case of need;
    • a draft of the schedule of the proposed transport route;
    • accurate information about vehicles;
    • a diagram of the contours of the vehicle or cargo container.
    • (for details see Section 40 para. 2 of Decree no. 104/1997 Coll., which implements the rules of road traffic, as amended)
  • extract from the Commercial or other Register (legal entities)
  • trade license or other business license ID card (private persons engaged in business).

It is also useful to include a copy of the vehicle registration certificate – part II (technical certificate) together with the application.

For a permit to be issued, the consent of the owner (administrator) of the roads in question is needed in addition to consent from the Police of the Czech Republic (or, in the case of motorways, the Ministry of the Interior).

If the applicant does not submit the consent to the administrative authority for roads, then the administrative authority for roads shall request it from the owner (administrator) of the road concerned and from the Police of the Czech Republic or the Ministry of the Interior, respectively.

In the case of an unsuccessful application for permission, an appeal can be raised against the decision. The appeal shall be submitted to the administrative authority which made the decision, and no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the decision.


The fee is determined by Act No. 634/2004 Coll. on Administrative Fees, as later amended. The price depends on the type of permission.

How long does it take to obtain permission?

If it is a simple case, the administrative authority for roads will decide without delay.In other cases, the request must be decided within 30 days of the application or, in particularly complex cases, 60 days from the application.


The use of roads to transport abnormal loads without authorization is an offence for which a fine of up to CZK 500 000 can be imposed.
Failure to comply with the conditions of the authorized decision regarding special use for the transportation of abnormal loads can result in the administrative authority for roads revoking permissions which were previously granted. In this case, further permits may be obtained at the earliest 3 years after the original permit was revoked.

More information:

Department of Roads
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