The newly renovated rest area for lorries near Rajhrad is ready for use

Once again, drivers can use the rest area on D52 at Rajhrad in the direction from Brno. Earlier, road workers also repaired the rest area on the opposite side of the motorway. The parking places for lorries were renovated on both sides of the road. Two tables with benches were added at every rest area, as well as additional benches and rubbish bins.

Capacity of resting places at Rajhrad:

* Rest area to the right (in the direction from Brno): 18 lorries, 1 bus, 25 cars (from which 2 spaces are reserved for the disabled)

 * Rest area on the left: 23 lorries, 1 bus, 26 cars (from which 2 spaces are reserved for the disabled).

GPS: 49.6781475N, 16.5906089E