Not paying attention to driving – still a current topic

September 2020 on highway D1 in the area around Brno was very distressing due to several accidents caused by truck drivers. The first accident, which closed down the highway, included six vehicles. It took firemen almost two hours to extricate two of the truck drivers. Three people were injured in the accident. The driver at fault was a truck driver with a foreign license plate who was not paying attention to driving and collided with the cars in front.

The second accident happened a few days later. Several vehicles (including trucks) collided, and a truck crashed into a car in front of it. Unfortunately, three people died in this accident, including a small child. All the victims burned in their vehicles.

Truck drivers are under great pressure to deliver their cargo. When we add traffic jams and often road works to this, it creates a very dangerous combination, the consequences of which can be fatal. It quite often happens that drivers kill time on their long routes by watching movies, playing games or making phone calls. While nothing may happen in most cases, sometimes their inattention can cost the lives of innocent people, including children.

Pay attention to driving. You certainly do not want to destroy your vehicle, and you most definitely do not want to face a mother and explain to her how the accident which killed her child happened.