Additional new rest areas with toilets will be built along highway D1

A new type of a rest area with modern toilets and a playground for kids should be built this year at two locations along highway D1, specifically at km 70.1 in the direction to towards Brno at the Studený rest stop and at km 207 at Rohlenka just before Brno.

Rohlenka is already an operated rest area, however, it lacks sufficient hygienic facilities, which will be added there. The Studený rest area is currently undergoing reconstruction, and one of the main aims is to expand the area. It will be open next year.

Beverage and refreshment vending machines and exercise machines for active breaks will be available at the new rest areas. According to the current Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic standards, the entire modernized rest area will offer 26 parking spots for cars and 12 parking spots for trucks or two spots for buses.

Other rest areas that are undergoing reconstruction prior to reopening include the Skalka rest area at km 14 of highway D1 in the direction towards Brno and the Beroun rest area at km 16.2 of highway D5.