Check you vehicle´s CO2 emission class

Startin from 1 March 2024 the method of calculating tolls based on the level of CO2 emissions is changing.

  • For vehicles first registered before 1 July 2019, or for vehicles in category M2 and M3 (buses), there is no need for further action. These vehicles will automatically be included in CO2 emission class 1, with the exception of vehicles powered purely by electricity or hydrogen which will be assigned to CO2 emission class 5.
  • If your vehicle was first registered after 1 July 2019, you can use the CO2 emission class finder ( to find out if your vehicle is eligible to be included in a higher CO2 emission class with lower fees.


3 Details

  • Date on which the vehicle was first registered – you can find this in the vehicle registration certificate (technical certificate)
  • Vehicle subgroup – can be found in the CIF document or in the COC document (if you do not know the vehicle subgroup, the CO2 emission class finder at will help you find it)
  • Specific CO2 emissions of the vehicle – they are specified in the CIF, or in the COC document

2 Documents

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Customer information file (CIF) – from 2022 manufacturers provide the COC document

3 Table

Enter the three details in the CO2 emission class finder to determine the vehicle CO2 emission class. If the finder confirms the eligibility for CO2 emission class 2 or higher, you can apply to be assigned to a higher CO2 emission class to secure lower fees.

You can submit your application at the Customer Zone, by e-mail, in person at Contact Points, or with the assistance of selected fuel card issuers. Documents proving all the relevant parameters of the vehicle need to be attached to your application.

You can find more details and practical instructions for determining the CO2 emission class at: