Winter equipment

From 1 November to 31 March, all road vehicles are obliged to have winter tires on the vehicle, provided that there are winter conditions – snow, ice or icing on the road or when weather conditions are possible to assume that this will occur when the vehicle is on the road. Where the road sign “Winter equipment” is located – the vehicle must have winter tires even in good weather conditions.

What is the “Winter equipment ” road sign?
Road signs “Winter equipment” and “Winter equipment-end” are road signs that indicate road sections where is obligatory for vehicle M and N category to be equipped with winter tires in all weather conditions (not only when there is snow, ice or fros on the road).

What tires are considered as winter tyres
A winter tire is marked M + S (M-S, M / S, M&S, MS), possibly a mountain shield symbol and snowflakes on the tire sidewall. The depth of the tread pattern of the main tread grooves or notches of the tire shall be at least 4 mm on all wheels (for vehicles up to 3 500 kg) or at least 6 mm on all drive wheels (for vehicles over 3 500 kg).

The use of studded tires are forbidden.