Expiration of the deposit and prepaid toll after one year of inactivity

According to Act No. 13/1997 Coll. and the General Terms and Conditions, the deposit for electronic equipment (on-board unit) and prepaid tolls registered on electronic equipment shall be forfeited if there is no toll transaction more than 1 year or the time is more than 1 year from the collection of the electronic device (on-board unit)  and the electronic device has not yet been returned to the operator of the electronic toll system.

The deposit for electronic equipment and prepaid tolls will forfeit even if the vehicle is out of operation (deposited).

A toll transaction means the passage through at least one whole toll section, not only a part of it. The electronic device (on-board unit) must be connected to the power supply for the entire duration of the journey. After driving, leave the electronic device connected to the power supply and initiate communication on it. This sends all transactions, even if the vehicle is no longer on the toll road (you can call up the electronic device communication by pressing and holding button button F(F), see the Billien OBU 5051 user manual, download here).

Users of the toll system can find out the date of the last recorded toll transaction in their Customer zone.