In Germany the Czech Republic was included among the areas of variant of concern

Anyone who has been in the Czech Republic in the 10 days prior to entry to Germany is particularly obliged to carry proof (negative test result or corresponding medical certificate) confirming the absence of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus upon entry and to present it to the competent authority or the authority commissioned by it upon request. This test must have been carried out at the earliest 48 hours before entry.

The proof of a negative test result or corresponding medical certificate must be provided on paper or in an electronic document, in each case in German, English or French. The test performed must meet the requirements stated at

In addition, persons entering Germany must register before their arrival in Germany at and carry proof of registration with them on entry.

It is strongly recommend having a negative test result before entering the Czech Republic.

In case of problems at border crossings, transit restrictions will be introduced.

Testing points:



Testing point in the Czech Republic