Electronic signs

The main route to Harrachov and the border crossing with Poland is often a problematic section, especially in winter. It is enough for just one truck to become trapped in the hills and the border crossing with Poland is blocked. Therefore, since last year, traffic has been controlled in the vicinity of Harrachov by electronic signs that warn lorry drivers if they should not leave the town because of heavy snowfall or icy roads. A total of 20 variable signs have been installed in the area of Turnov, through Rychnov, Jablonec, Příšovice, Vratislavice, Tanvald and Rokytnice. The signs are controlled from central dispatching at the Regional Administration of Roads for the Liberec Region.

If the signs are lit up, then freight traffic bound for Poland should change course to the border crossing in Hradek nad Nisou, where there are no problems during the winter.