Maintaining a healthy lifestyle behind the wheel

Apart from all the usual recommendations for keeping physically fit, it is very important for drivers to eat regularly and eat well. Regular eating and proper hydration significantly affect behaviour and reaction speed, which are especially important for drivers.

Eating in a foreign country

It is doubly important for drivers to consume their food in calm surroundings. Eating and driving at the same time is not recommended. You may not notice the effects of this immediately, but eating behind the wheel will certainly leave its mark on your body over the years.

Drivers should divide their meals into several portions and consume them more frequently over the course of the day. Overeating causes fatigue and could adversely affect the driver’s concentration. Eating light meals, such as those containing white meat and fish, is recommended.

Don’t forget to include fruit in your diet on your travels!

We cannot talk smokers out of enjoying cigarettes since it is not easy for them to quit, but perhaps try to chew gum occasionally instead. This could not only help you to soothe your craving for a cigarette but also help you stay focused, protect against tooth decay and even help you lose weight. Chewing gum drives away hunger and cravings for sweets.

Don’t forget that it is not only foreign languages you will encounter in foreign countries. You will also come across food which may often look appetising but is not very healthy. Surely, everyone has experienced unpleasant digestion problems at some point while they are sitting behind the wheel. It is better to opt for familiar foods and resist experimentation until your free time or holidays.

It is essential that you regularly drink fluids, especially when the weather is hot. Of course, it is safest to consume drinks in their original packaging. Nevertheless, tap water in the Czech Republic is very strictly monitored, environmentally friendly and safe to drink. If water is not safe to drink, this will be indicated next to the tap with a sign or pictogram.