Parking areas on highway D1

As a part of the improvements to traffic conditions on the most frequently used Czech highway, i.e. highway D1, ŘSD has allocated eight locations for parking trucks during extraordinary events. The Police of the Czech Republic may instruct you to park your vehicles after assessing the current traffic situation.

The locations mentioned below have a capacity of 200 parked trucks. These parking areas are equipped with mobile toilets and waste bins. The parking areas have not been designed for use under normal traffic conditions.

If you encounter an extraordinary event that requires you to park your vehicle, regardless of whether it was caused by a traffic accident or natural disaster, adjust your driving to the conditions and respect the instructions issued by the police.

Name Stationing Name Stationing
Studený 70 P Meziříčko 129,5 P
Speřice 83,5 P Jabloňov 152 L
Měšín 115,5 L Jestřabí 160 L
Měšín 117 P Říčky 174,5 L