The ten commandments of a proper trucker

The results of a questionnaire on the internet revealed several typical truck driver behaviours that most frequently disturbed other drivers. It also revealed truck driver behaviour appreciated by others. Take a small test of your driving behaviour and see whether you are a trucker who is pleasant to pass on the road or your conduct is not exactly considerate.

How do inconsiderate drivers behave?

  • Suddenly swerving while overtaking
  • Taking a long time to overtake
  • Driving too close to the back of the car in front of them (tailgating)
  • Not observing speed limits in towns and villages
  • Blocking the third lane and annoying other drivers

Is that you? 🙁 There is always room for improvement—you can find some ideas for improvement below.

How do considerate drivers behave?

  • Following the zipper rule
  • Good drivers, not aggressive drivers
  • Do not abuse the size of their vehicles
  • Respect weather/climate conditions
  • Anticipate the behaviour of other drivers

Do you behave like this? You are a trucker hero, congratulations! 🙂

What type of behaviour from other drivers annoys you?